Meet the Team

Here Come the Girls was brought to you by a fabulous team:

At the Imperial War Musuem

Ann  D

A fountain of knowledge, especially on women’s history, Ann has been researching the Munitions girls at the Royal Arsenal. She has also written Blogs and accompanies the Tour.

Ann P

Ann P in between running races and working has been researching those who moved onto the Progress Estate, Well Hall, when it was newly built in 1915/1916.


In between university exams and deadlines, Heather is the Projects Blogger, in charge of writing up the blogs and looking after the Projects Webpage.

 James S

James S is the Projects World War One Researcher, undertaking research on the pivotal moments in 1916. For the past few months James has undertaken research on the Easter Rising, Battle of Jutland and Battle of the  Somme, as well as a few other interesting 1916 events. James also writes some of our Blogs.

IWM 35
Researching at IWM


Jill has been researching the VAD nurses at the Brook War Hospital. She is also one of our many dedicated amazing volunteers who has the capacity to split herself in two  and help not only in the preparation and delivery of the project when it is on tour but also write many of the projects blogs.


June is a new volunteer to Greenwich. Heritage Centre. She has been researching the VAD nurses at the Royal Herbert. Like Jill, June is also one of our remarkable volunteers who will be out on tour with us and writing blogs.


A newbie to volunteering at Greenwich Heritage Centre, Lorna has been researching the Munition girls at the Royal Arsenal. With a folder bursting with information and research there is very little Lorna doesn’t know about munition work. She is also one of our fabulous volunteers who will be out on tour with the project and on top of all that, writing blogs.


Dedicated volunteer Lynne has been researching the Progress Estate, known also as the Well Hall Estate and the Well Hall Garden City. Lynne has become quite the expert in the history of the estate. Lynne is also one of our many fab volunteers who joins us on the Tour.

National Archives


Despite being at university and with essays deadlines and exams looming, Meg has been researching the role of the Red Cross in the Royal Borough during World War One and looks after the Projects website and blog.


A whiz on microfiche machines, Pam has been researching the VAD nurses who worked at Charlton House when in was a Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital in 1918. A fantastic knitter Pam has also knitted some of our WW1 props and is one of our volunteers out on tour with the project.


Despite being in her final year at university and working on  another WW1 project the Trust are proud to be a part of, Shelly is our Evaluation Volunteer. Working with us to evaluate the project when out on Tour. Shelly works on the University of Greenwich and Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust’s WW1 History Pin project – Who Lives in My House.


As well as doing her own research and running  her own blog, Caroline is often on Tour with us and is a fabulous Twitter.



Our V.A.D uniform, munition workers uniform and Edwardian dress and shirt were made by Dressemaker and Costume Historian Meridith Towne. 


Special thanks goes to Carolyne Benavides who made a number of beautiful knitted garments including May’s shawl and hat and Tommy’s helmet hat. Other knitters include our volunteers Pam, June, Jill and Lynne.


We worked together with Andrew Ashmore & Associates  to write and develop the scripts for each of our characters. Ivy: Erin Wilson. May: Vic Bryson. Nell: Victoria Otter. 

And extra special thanks to: 

Jane High at the British Red Cross Archives and Museum.

Rita Billinghurst  and The Progress Residents Association.

The Friends of Charlton House.

Isabel Benavides at Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust for her artwork and consultation.

Kayleigh Edun at Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust.



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Funded by a Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund