Hospitals in the Royal Borough

The Royal Herbert Hospital

The hospital opened in 1 November 1865 and was used as a restorative hospital for

Charlton House_0007
Royal Herbert Hospital 

veterans of the Crimean War. The building work of the hospital cost £209,139 and the land purchase was £6,394. It was originally named the Herbert Hospital and was granted royal patronage by Queen Victoria in 1900. The design of its wards connected by a central corridor were intended to maximise daylight and fresh air ventilation. The hospital was actively involved in treating the wounded of WW1. The author and playwright, Enid Bagnold, a member of the VAD worked there and wrote about her experiences titled “A Diary Without Dates”.

The Brook Hospital

Built in the 1890s and known as the Brook Fever Hospital. It was requisitioned by the war

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Brook War Hospital 

office in 1915 and became known as the Brook War Hospital . Nurses from the Queen Alexander Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) worked there and VADs undertook clerical and domestic work. During the war the hospital treated 414 officers and 30,080 other ranks. On 5 November 1919 it ceased to be a war hospital and reverted back to its pre-war service as a fever hospital.


Charlton House Auxillary Hospital

Charlton House Auxiliary Hospital opened on 14 October 1918. The House was given in part

Charlton House
Charlton House 

to the British Red Cross Society to be used as a hospital. It was affiliated to the Brook War Hospital. It was equipped with 50 beds and admitted 35 servicemen on its first day of opening. 55 part time members of the VAD Greenwich and Woolwich Division worked there. The Hospital closed on 30 April 1919. Approximately 168 patients were admitted during the six months it was used as a hospital.




Dobson War Relief Hospital, 22 Charlton Road, Blackheath

The Dobson War Relief Hospital opened in 1914 with 50 beds.  By December in the same year the beds were fully occupied. It closed in May 1919. The Hospital was affiliated to the Royal Herbert Hospital in Shooters Hill.

 Southwood Hospital, Eltham, 56 Court Road, Eltham

The Southwood Hospital opened in July 1915 as a Class A auxiliary hospital affiliated to the Royal Herbert Hospital. 24 members of the Greenwich Division VAD worked there. Approximately 1765 servicemen were treated at the hospital of which none died. The Hospital closed on 13 June 1919.

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Blog written by: Ann P